Possession Beach Waterfront Park

Hours of Operation

Sunrise to Sunset

Arrival/Departure Procedures

The boat ramp is unmonitored. The facility is not a port of entry. No notification is required. Park gates close at sunset. Overnight parking is available for a fee, and camping is prohibited.

Possession Beach Boat Ramp Repair and Renovation

The repair and renovation of the boat ramp, pilings, and ramp floats at Possession Beach was completed in July 2017.

Floats at the Boat Ramps

The boarding floats have been removed from the boat ramp at Possession Beach Waterfront Park.  The floats will be launched again in April.

Minimum Tide Recommended for Launching

0.0’  [Boarding floats end at about a 0.0’ tide, so a +3.0’ tide is best to use floats.]

Contact Information

Overnight Parking

Overnight parking is now available at Possession Beach Waterfront Park. Permits must be purchased from the Port office in Freeland. The Park is open from dawn to dusk. Vehicles may be accessed only when the Park is open. Permit price is $10 per night. The Port accepts cash, most credit cards and checks.

For further details on parking policies and procedures, see our Overnight Parking Procedures here: Overnight Parking for Marine Access (OPMA) On-site Procedures

Boat Launch Live Video Stream

*Refreshes every 10 seconds

Location and Directions